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The Science of Nu Majik

All NU MAJIK tm lotions are made right here in the U.S.A. in facilities that have been producing lotions for over 20 years. Our products use the best ingredients and extracts that most companies do not use because they want to maximize profit and shelf-life. You deserve the best and our formulas give you just that!

Our lotions through formula and ingredients, allow for  micro-circulation. This is a process that will stimulate the exchange of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. As a result, you will see a natural, safe and quick transformation in your skin.


Our lotion is designed to auto-adjust to all skin types.

Our Beach, Bed and Sun-less tanning lotion contains Swiss-Apple Stem-Cell extract among many other revolutionary ingredients to rebuild your skin cells. Get faster and darker color with the sun or tanning bed or a nice glow without any sun at all! No streaking, staining or un-even fading and Never Orange! 

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