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Companies always claim to have THEE MOST AMAZING product to sell you and then convince you through millions of dollars of advertising that their product is the best. I was tired of all the lies so I set out to develop a product that delivers what it promises. I sparred no expense incorporating the best ingredients and extracts that will truly transform your look in a relatively short period of time.  So after years of R&D, NU MAJIK was born.


We are all in the search of a fountain of youth and though no one has found it yet, I wanted to deliver a product that will let you live life without having relying on a camera filter. Soon, the masks will come off and with NU MAJIK, you will be ready. When people see your face, your skin will look youthfully vibrant or tan and without having to go to extremes or buying another product that simply turns out to be a mirage.


Our smart-balance moisturizer will return the vibrancy to your skin and continue to maintain it through time. Our auto-glow bronzer and tanning lotion is so uniquely formulated that it will transform you into a perfectly and healthy shade of Rose-Gold. Not too dark, just right and natural looking. Humans are not supposed to look orange and NU MAJIJK's formula guarantees that. Furthermore, you will get a nice glow without any sun; a perfect rose color with sun; and it's Tanning-Bed Safe...The choice is yours. If you can't wait 30 minutes, we also offer an instant tan-in-a-can spray that will do the job in under 10 minutes. No staining or uneven fading.


The toughest hurdle in this business is convincing people to switch their brand loyalty. I understand that people are brand loyal and I totally get that. You should be admired. However, every once in a while, What you are loyal to, no longer becomes effective as it once was because your body has built up a tolerance to it and you do not get the returns you once did. Take a vacation and try NU MAJIK. IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT.   

I am thee toughest critic and I either love something or I don't and that is why I can confidently stake my and my company's reputation behind it. It is safe and extremely effective. Join so many others and begin a journey to look even more beautiful than you already are.


                                                                                          John Majikova

                                                                                            C.E.O. Majik llc

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